P is for Prostate Pleasure

Large dildo that is angled to hit the prostate and create pleasure for men.

We've all heard of the g-spot in women, but did you know men have something similar located inside their ass?  And yes, it is unique to men, women do not get the benefit of this additional soft spot.  The prostate is a gland located inside the front side of the mans anus and houses many nerve endings making it particularly sensitive to stimulation.

Stimulating this gland is something that can be done with a finger, but it's also something that we aim to do with our anal toys.  Our toys can create pressure on the prostate, creating intensely pleasurable sensations and the release of seminal fluid (the fluid that sperm mixes with thus creating semen).

So what toys take will allow you to enjoy this very special anal pleasure?  Simple answer....most toys.  The fuller answer is consider what type of anal pleasure you want.  Hitting the p-spot can happen passively or actively.

Passively we are referring to a gentle continual pressure against the prostate in which subtle movements manipulate it more, creating pleasure.  Large butt plugs are ideal  as the wide point of a butt plug is often in line with the prostate.  This means the outward pressure of the widest part of your butt plug will press against your prostate and should you be wearing the butt plug as you move around, the movement will create some fantastic sensations.

For a more active stimulation, anal dildos can be used to essentially screw the anus, and apply movement against the prostate.  As most anal dildos are relatively straight, it is slightly trickier as you will need to angle the dildo in order to find and subsequently hit the p-spot.  When you do though, you can apply strong pressure as well as friction (lube lube lube!) creating strong and often overwhelming sensations.

How about a toy that combines a little bit of both?  We have an anal dildo aptly named 'Prostate Pressure' which shares the attributes of both butt plugs and dildos.

At 8 inches long, it is the length of a large dildo, however the form is curved and wider than your average toy.  The length of the toy has wide ridges along it and a large bulbed head measuring 2.4 inches across which as you'll see from the picture on this blog is pointed forward.  This mimics the curve of a finger finding and pushing against the prostate and as such makes it easier for you to apply pressure to the p-spot without having to awkwardly angle a toy, this one finds it for you! 

You can shop Prostate Pressure by clicking here, and enjoy free and crucially discreet, worldwide shipping.  Happy play everyone!