The Most Popular Anal Dildos (2021 update)

This is one of the most popular dildos with anal players

What a strange ol year it's been.  Peoples lives have been thrown into turmoil, the open world we enjoyed a mere few months ago has now become a fading memory but one thing we can vouch for that hasn't changed... the enjoyment of a good anal toy going up ones ass.

So what makes a good anal dildo? Having put that question out to tender around the office we would conclude it is the SSS, size, shape, sensation.

Size, but of course! Not everyone is a size queen looking to enlarge their anal cavity to previously unimaginable volumes, but size undoubtedly plays a part.  The combination of length and width ensures that a good toy will hit all the sensitive spots to make you go mmmm! 

In our opinion that would be a toy which challenges you, at least a little, with a width creating a bit of a stretch to place the player somewhere just a little outside their regular comfort zone.  We would also recommend that it has some irregular shapes and wide points which brings us to the second point, shape.

Many toys designed for anal play will have a differing shape to your average dildo.  Often somewhere between a dildo and a butt plug, they will have pronounced points and wider points, creating additional points of stimulation.  So it's not surprise that the most popular toys we sell tick that box, far from uniform, these toys as you will see are all a little different.

And so finally, sensation.  A combination of what we've talked of thus far plus a little extra magic sprinkled on there, sensation is where size meets shape and more.  It's the little extras, the suction cup that holds it to the floor to allow for better penetration during solo play.  It's the material that has a little bit of give thus meaning your insides aren't sustaining significant damage as you play the night away.  All of these contribute to the sensation which ultimately is the key test any toy has to pass.  If it feels good, it is good.


3. Fisted - Fist Shaped Dildo

Popular since people started moulding recreations of their body parts for sexual purposes, the fist dildo is a great practice for the real thing, viewed by many as the pinnacle of anal insertions.

Our fist dildo is moulded from soft PVC and measures in at a full forearms length of 30cm or 11.8 inches.

2. Torpedo - Large anal dildo

The Torpedo is a great toy, and highly accessible too as it is not overbearingly large  meaning it can provide a realistic challenge for relative beginners as well as being a source of enjoyment for seasons players.

Large anal dildo for anal play

Suction cup...check, flexible but firm...check.  A worthy addition to any toy collection.

1. Triple Trouble - a new 3 bangs for your butt

Triple trouble is a beauty to behold.  Three large heads on top of a 12 inch length toy, it's half way dildo and half way butt plug.  Somewhat reminiscent of the classic "3 bangs for your butt" toy which is sadly long discontinued.  The challenge here is not 1, not 2, but 3.  3 bulbed challenges to conquer before getting onto the shaft of this colossal dildo.

three bangs for your butt is a famous anal dildo used in porn films

Both the length and the girth provide massive sensation, the ridges of the dildo are particularly suited to the delicate nerve endings in the ass, whilst as they go further in they will stimulate a mans prostate as they pass over it.  The strong suction cup completes the dildo by anchoring it into place as you ride it however you wish!