Understanding Large Butt Plugs

A small butt plug perfect for someone exploring anal play.

Let's make some generalisations here.  When it comes to anal play, there are three levels, the beginner, the intermediate and the expert.  Ok, so this is little over simplified but like we said...generalisations!  What does each of those groups entail and which do you fall into when it comes to anal pleasure?  We're going to approach this from a matter of size, looking at the width and length of butt plugs to help you get an understanding of how much the human ass can accommodate.

Anal Play for Beginners

Those starting out in the exploration of their anal pleasure, or that of others, will need to walk before they can run.  The human rectum is not pre-made to take huge objects, however being a large muscle and a bunch of sensitive nerves, it can be trained to take increasingly larger objects.  This training starts with small toys like small butt plugs under 1 inch in diameter.

Don't let your eyes get too hungry, you might blow through the beginner phase quickly, but you must undertake it first to avoid damage and pain.  You'll typically find two styles of butt plugs in this range, the short and slightly more bulbed ones, think 2 inches in length and 1.2 in diameter.  Or the longer finger like ones such as this small butt plug, which is under 1 inch in diameter but longer at 4 inches.

Anal play for Intermediates

When you get through that initial phase, putting things in your rear will start to feel comfortable and more importantly, pleasurable.  Your ass will respond to stimulation from stretching wider and also from deeper penetration.  Now that you are comfortable putting things in there, you can start to play with those sensations  and explore further with larger toys.

Some people will find they have a preference for depth, in which case a longer anal toy or plug will really start to tick boxes for them, whilst others will enjoy a wider stretch and look to move to toys from 1.5 to 2.5 inches in width.  Some people, not looking at you... will have greedy asses that want both length and girth.  For those pure hedonists amongst us, something like this thick butt plug will do just right.  Measuring in at over 6 inches in length and 2.4 inches in diameter it's a great challenge for an analy enthusiast looking to push their limits a little.

That still leaves the pros though.  The real anal aficionados with years of practice. Those in the final 1% crave something larger again, something which a beginner would deem impossible but yet, possible, and pleasurable it can be!

Anal play for experts

So here you are, a few years and a dozen butt plugs later.  You're now a different kind of animal from when you started.  Your appetite for anal only grew and as such, so must your anal toys.

Here we find people doing things that appear almost impossible, but their training has allowed them to relax and train their anal muscles so well that they can relax them almost completely and the only limiting factor at this point becomes their anatomy, specifically their hips.

For those greedy minxes, we need to find them toys upwards of 8 inches in length and over 2.5 inches in diameter to fully satisfy.  Fortunately that is basically our speciality, large and unusual sex toys for you butt.

In the absence of a special friend, consider this fist shaped butt plug, fully to scale and fully a challenge.  Almost 12 inches in length and 2.95 inches in diameter, this life sized fist will stretch out and make even the more experienced amongst us yelp with pleasure!

Some people simply won't get to this point, and that is 100% fine.  Your anal satisfaction is not a race, nor a competition.  There will be a point you find the perfect balance between pleasure and pushing yourself further.  Which ever point on that scale you land, remember we are here for you and feel free to reach out to our team any time via email on hello@analplay.co